Hello YEG Small Business Community Members!

How are you? We hope this finds you well and that you’ve been taking care during these difficult times. If you find yourself on this webpage, you likely are looking for more information about our #HereForGood T-shirt campaign that offers small businesses like yours a unique way to generate revenue during this time of temporary closures and respecting Physical Distancing/Government directives.

How did Here For Good come about?

Like most of you, it’s not business as usual with us here at Print Machine. After the initial shock and response to what COVID-19 meant for our business, we shifted to brainstorming on how to generate sales in this new reality. We came up with an idea that we’re extremely excited to offer! By combining our decorated apparel know-how with your company’s unique marketability, we’ve launched the #HereForGood T-shirt campaign for small businesses that we hope your loyal customers, followers and family members will be eager to support! 

Here for Good Press:

Global News article
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CBC Edmonton AM interview
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How does it work?

The webpage for the campaign features t-shirts for sale – two main campaign shirts, as well as shirts branded with each business’s logo. We are planning to pool proceeds from the sales of those two shirts and split them amongst all businesses that sign up. T-shirts with your company logo? Proceeds will go directly to your company!

In an effort to try and keep all things “equal” and to have as much of the funds going back to the businesses as possible, we’ve come up with a simple cost effective “tone on tone” template that all of the tees for the various businesses will follow. Here are some examples:

We are hopeful that just under $10.00 from each t-shirt sold with your logo will go directly to supporting your business. Please know that this all depends on how well the campaign does. Essentially if it goes well, approximately $10.00 from each sale will go to our business (cover cost of production, t-shirt, materials, payment processing fees and a bit of profit) while approximately $10.00 goes to yours. We are selling these at $19.95 ea for standard sizes, so these are all just rough numbers. Once the campaign is completed, we will cut you a cheque and include a report that shows how your portion was calculated.  There is absolutely no cost to you for joining the campaign!

But why donate our time and resources?

To us, it’s a win-win scenario. Create a branded t-shirt, give your customers the chance to support multiple local businesses with one purchase, and do it all while practicing social distancing!  Here at Print Machine, we’ll take care of everything from order collection, to production and delivery. We’re just leaning on our YEG Small Business community members to share their t-shirt page and encourage their followers, family members and customers to make a purchase if they are able! Essentially, we’ll make the shirts… but we need you to sell them! There is no minimum order requirement, no up front investment – we’re collecting the orders online and will only print what is required to fill the orders we receive.

Everything else you should know for now:

At this time we are only offering unisex t-shirts in adult and youth sizes.

Currently we are receiving dozens of requests per day for new businesses to add a t-shirt to the site. Please bear with us as there are only a couple of us currently processing these requests. We are working as quickly as we can to add your t-shirt and supply next steps and some tips on how to start promoting your t-shirt.

If you are interested in signing your business up, please fill out the contact form below and upload your logo. Once we have a mock up of your tshirt prepared, we will email it to you for your review and approval prior to loading it onto the website! Note: we are having trouble with the uploader not accepting files over 2mb, or certain file extensions. If we don’t receive your art, we will ask for it via email when we respond to your initial inquiry.

Check out the current #HereForGood webpage at http://hereforgood.printmachine.ca

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out and consider joining our campaign! By working together on projects like these, we know we have a better chance to keep #YEGSmallBusiness #HereForGood!


The Print Machine Team

Sign your business up here:

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  • Let us know a little about yourself/your business, and how you heard about Print Machine's #HereForGood Campaign
  • A vector format is preferred (eg *.ai, *.pdf, *.svg, *.eps), but our contact form currently will only accept vectors in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF logo file, but do have it in another vector file format, please send it along when we respond to your inquiry. If you only have your logo in raster format (eg *.jpg, *.png etc), feel free to upload it right away here.
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  • To keep things most cost-effective we are sticking to single-colour, tone-on-tone prints for the shirts. Do you have any preferences for shirt colour? (We can also simply make a suggestion if you like!)