The more you need, the less you’ll pay per item. A lot of the cost of custom product decoration comes from job set up.

For example, say you wanted 12 of our Fruit of the Loom T-shirts with a single colour screenprint on the front—you would pay $14.95 for each shirt. But if you wanted 500 of the same shirt, you would pay just $5.45 per shirt.

This occurs because the same amount of set up work is required whether you’re printing just 10 tshirts or or a longer run of 500 tshirts. A longer run will reduce your overall cost per unit as that initial set up cost is dispersed over a larger volume of tshirts. This same concept applies for any of our long run print and decoration methods.

Things that can affect the price include the brand and style of the garment or item being printed, number of colours in the print, number of print locations per item, size of the artwork, total quantity ordered and decoration method used. Also time—if you needed it yesterday, that’s gonna cost you (time travel is expensive).