What is DTG printing?

Direct to garment printing is a newer, digital technology that lets us output any electronic form of artwork directly from a computer. It’s sent to a printer that looks similar to one on your desktop at home, except it doesn’t print on paper. That’s right, it can print a full colour photo-quality image directly to the garment!

How does DTG printing work?

Because we’re printing directly from a computer, we don’t have to consider any artwork conversions like we would with screen printing; however, we do still want to optimize your artwork so the print will look its best. With this form of decoration we don’t need vector artwork (though we still prefer it!). We can print from a jpeg, pdf, gif, Word document, or any other electronic image. We would recommend that the image be high resolution, but if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry—we’ll take a peek at what you want to print and let you know if it will work well and look good.

Direct to garment printing limitations

Direct to garment printing has some limitations. We can only print on 100% cotton items with this method and we’ve found it works best for short runs and personalized items. There is no “press set up,” so with this method there is no minimum order and you can get just one shirt if you want.

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