Custom embroidery is different from our other decoration methods as it’s the only method we offer that is not print. We’re stitching your artwork or logo to the item or garment using an industrial embroidery machine.

Preparing your custom embroidery artwork

To prepare for embroidering, your artwork needs to be optimized. The term for optimizing artwork for embroidery is “digitizing,” which means formatting the logo so the embroidery machine can output it. Consider this a “road-map” so the machine knows where to place each stitch to create your logo in embroidery.

Some artwork may require adjustment to work with this method. We’re sewing the image with solid colours of thread, so gradients, shadows, and tonal components are not possible without some alterations. However, embroidery is a resilient decoration method that gives a high-quality, finished aesthetic.

Items that take embroidery well

Embroidery works best for things like patches, jackets, hats, and corporate wear, but T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies can all be embroidered as well.

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