The product offering using the dye sublimation printing method is massive. This is also a digital imprinting method, so sublimation makes photo-quality full-colour imaging with no minimum order requirement possible.

What is dye sublimation?

We output the image to a transfer paper using a computer and sublimation printer. The image is then applied to the product to be imaged using heat tape. From there, we cook the item in a variety of heat presses or ovens (depending on the item/application itself). Using a combination of heat, time, and pressure the image sublimates from the paper to the item.

Dye sublimation limitations

This imaging method is limited to products that are sublimation ready. For dye sublimation to work, the product must be composed of polyester or coated with primer, and it must be white in colour. If the product is fabric (performance T-shirts, hoodies, etc.), it needs to be polyester (or a blend that has polyester). If the product is a hard good (ceramic coffee mug or aluminium water bottle), it needs to be coated in a sublimation primer that will accept the sublimation ink.

We can use this method to decorate polyester apparel as well as hard goods like coffee mugs, aluminium/stainless steel water bottles, coasters, phone cases, key chains, ceramic dishware (for you or your pet) and so much more.

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