Print Machine can create custom online stores for your organization to sell its products. These custom web stores are great for fundraisers as there are no upfront costs—products are printed as they’re ordered so you’ll never be stuck with unsaleable goods.

The program has been a big hit for many fundraisers, schools, and groups, as it allows you to sell branded apparel and accessories without having to invest in inventory yourself. We produce only what is ordered through the web store and there is no minimum order requirement. We take care of everything from design, to order collection, to fulfillment and delivery! All you have to do is promote your webpage and make people aware that products are available. The web store can be open to the public, or it can be password protected if you want to have private access.

Our web stores are simple and convenient!

We start by designing your product catalogue, which we’ll work with you to select items and logos that will represent you well. From there, there are 2 options that we could use to deploy a custom web store for you to collect and deliver the your customized promotional products to your group.

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Option 1: Pre-order/fundraiser web store

The “pre-order” web store means we run the store for a period of weeks or months (however long you think you might need) collecting orders. Once the web store is closed, it takes approximately 2 weeks for all of the orders to be produced and delivered to the end customer. The customer will be able to choose from a few delivery methods (local pick up vs. direct delivery). Generally, the pre-order method is for targeted fundraisers or some organizational campaigns (like an anniversary!).

Option 2: On-demand web store

With this style of web store, we produce orders 1 at a time. It typically takes 7-10 business days from the time the customer submits their order on the web store to the time it is delivered, and there is no order collection period.

As soon as the individual orders come in, we produce and deliver them. This method has a slightly higher cost per unit than the pre-order method, but delivery is faster as there is no order collection period. You still get awesome value, and we typically use this method when we’re doing a long-term program that has no end date or fundraising/organizational goal.

Current Stores

If you’d like to discuss whether a custom store is right for you, contact us.